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Never clean with chemicals again !

No more chemicals

Instructions: Rinse cloth WELL before first use. Wet with water & Wring out WELL. When dirty, rinse with water. Wash with detergent as needed. Can be bleached in a washing machine.
Note: washing with towels can attract lint. Air Dry - No Fabric Softener

If you have never used a stainless steel cleaner on your appliances, you can start using the Ultimate Cloth damp with water to achieve a streak free finish. However, if you have used a stainless steel cleaner and when using a damp cloth you get a streaky mess, you will have to remove this chemical cleaner first.

The easiest way to remove this chemical
1. Wet your cloth with water and do NOT wring it out. It needs to be very wet
2. Sprinkle baking soda liberally onto the cloth
3. Directly apply the wet cloth with baking soda on it to your appliance and wipe it GOING WITH THE GRAIN of the stainless steel
4. Wipe the surface well and flip the cloth to a clean side of the cloth to finish it off and remove any baking soda residue
If there are still any steaks or hazy patches, repeat this process.
VERY IMPORTANT: When finished, wash the cloth in the washing machine to remove the stainless steel cleaner from the cloth. Remember, you can machine wash the Ultimate Cloth, and even bleach it by way of washing machine. Keep it out of the dryer and never use any fabric softener with it. Please ensure your detergent does not have added softeners built into it.
As long as you refrain from using stainless steel cleaner, you will never have to repeat this process again. Also, spot treating will now be possible.

The baking soda solution also works great on stubborn or old mirrors on which customers have previously tried mutliple cleaning products and 'miracle' recipes found on the internet. If you don't get streak free results on your mirrors or windows the first time around with your Ultimate Cloth, try the baking soda solution and prepare to be blinded by the shining results afterwards !


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